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Rajwade & Sons | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Sachin Khedekar | Atul Kulkarni | Marathi Movie 2015

Rajwade & Sons | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Sachin Khedekar | Atul Kulkarni | Marathi Movie 2015. Presenting you the official trailer of the latest Marathi movie Rajwade & Sons (2015) starring Sachin Khedekar, Jyoti Subhash, Atul Kulkarni, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Siddharth Menon & Mrunal Kulkarni. Written and Directed by Sachin Kundalkar. The film releases on 16th October 2015. Watch this video only on Rajshri Marathi!

Sicario new

“In Mexico, SICARIO means hitman. In the lawless border area stretching between the U.S. and Mexico, an idealistic FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is enlisted by an elite government task force official (Josh Brolin) to aid in the escalating war against drugs. Led by an enigmatic consultant with a questionable past (Benicio Del Toro), the team sets out on a clandestine journey forcing Kate to question everything that she believes in order to survive.”

Mohalla Assi movie trailer top hottest
“Mohalla Assi is a Bollywood film starring Sunny Deol, and directed by Chandra Prakash Dwivedi who previously directed Pinjar, starring Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpai, and most known for television epic Chanakya.”

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Justice League Unlimited: review – “Ancient History” Season 5, Episode 11:

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Hidden Identity

Title: 신분을 숨겨라 / Hidden Identity
Chinese Title: 隱藏身份
Also Known as: Hide Your Identity
Genre: Investigative, Crime, Thriller
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2015-June-16 to 2015-08-04
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00


This drama is about “criminal Investigation 5″, a police unit formed to battle violent crimes using undercover operations.
Game of Thrones: A look inside Season 5, Episode 7 “The Gift”

UPDATE: I want to clarify my comment. 1. I said “the new joff.” because everyone now hates him the way they hated joffrey in the first few seasons. 2. I said maybe worse because joff has done horrible things on a large scale as well. Ex. that time he killed all bastard sons of his “father”, he did those horrible things to those whores, etc. he was a little shit but he was also king, which may have been worse because he had complete control of everything not because he was worse in character. Its pretty obvious Ramsey is more disgusting, but he also has limited power. Especially now since he has a possible little brother on the way.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Season 10, Episode 12

The famous family blows off steam after Bruce’s announcement. Catch a brand new episode of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” this Sunday at 9|8c on E!

Justice League Unlimited Info:
New heroes join the fight to stop criminal plots that endanger the universe.
First episode date: July 31, 2004
Final episode date: May 13, 2006
Network: Cartoon Network
Program creator: Bruce Timm

Yeah, this episode always made me kind of uncomfortable, although I do love Mari and Shayera’s friendly rivalry in this.

Yes. “Friendly”. She didn’t chance the water, though, now did she?

Can’t remember too much about the episode but I really liked Shayera asking Batman to describe her son. Very touching ending.

A little reminiscent of the ending of Paging the Crime Doctor when Bruce visits Thorne in jail and asks him to “Tell me about my parents”.

yeah i always liked that ending as well but i remember basically nothing about the rest of this. that said i dont remember thinking that Shayera goes baby crazy but that she has a genuine interest upon hearing that she has a future son

Yeah, I mean ANYONE, male OR female, would naturally be curious, confronted with news like that. JOHN certainly was!

But…but her AGENCY!!!!

I got yer “redirected agency ” right here (holds up mace).

Hawkman’s a creep

Nothing compared to the Shadow Thief, though. I got a little uncomfortable in the torture sequence.

Yeah, but they can hand-wave it away because “Alien Devices Does Strange Things to Human Brain”. There is something to be said for the example that Hawkman doesn’t resolve his issues, but he is able to contain them and start moving forward.

Oliver, I really enjoy your reviews and will be sad to see them go. Any chance you could review the DC Animated movies? There are, like, 20 of them now. Just a thought. Thanks again!

He already has. Return of the Joker, The Batman Superman Movie, Subzero Mask of the Phantasm and Mystery of the Batwoman are listed under “Season 0″ of his Batman reviews.

After the JLU wraps up, though, they might go to the post-Timm (as an animator anyway) DTV movies:
Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Wonder Woman, Green Lanter, Those Batman & GL SHort collections, the 2 Superman/Batman ones, Superman: Doomsday, Crisis on 2 Earths, New Frontier, Under the Hood, All-Star Superman, Superman vs. THe Elite, Justice League Tower of Babel, Superman: Unbound (The Brainiac one), Flashpoint Paradox and this new batch of New 52 and Arkham Game universe ones. Along with the phenomenal Showcase Presents shorts for Green Arrow (wich acted as a dry run for the Young Justice cartoon), Jonah Hex (which had the writer & cast they wanted to use for the live action movie), Catwoman (featuring the voice of Eliza Dushku), The Spectre (which combined the Michael Fleischer Wrath of the Spectre stuff with Dirty Harry) and Shazam & Black Adam (which might also be set in the JLU universe).
I suppose they could also do Brainiac Attacks to go along with Mystery of the Batwoman, but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I’m hopeful he’ll either finish Gargoyles or review The Spectacular Spider-Man. Braniac Attacks pisses me off to no end. I mean, why go to the trouble of adopting the show’s animated style and reuniting the voice cast if you’re not going to honor the mythology? Well, okay, I know why, but I still find it repugnant.

Because they had the footage and wanted money.

Yes, exactly. I said I knew why.

I’d like to see him take a crack at Batman: Beyond.
That was an idea that sounded terrible to me that I thought turned out pretty well, and I enjoyed the integration of Terry McGinnis into other parts of the DCAU.

Brainiac Attacks :::shudder:::

The Shazam short is definitely not set in the JLU universe. Yeah, they got the voice actors for that, but there’s too many contradictions for them to go together.

no — I meant the ones that are rated PG-13 — Superman: Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, etc.

Fair enough.

The Hath-Set thing was a nice red herring, especially since they didn’t credit Remar with Shadow-Thief’s voice in Shadow of the Hawk.

“One day I won’t have to applaud a show for making these kinds of decisions because media will be full of diverse relationships”
“Hmm, interesting theory.” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson.
I have to admit that I was SHOCKED by some of the fanboy backlash over the Green Lantern movie being about Hal and not John. So there’s that.

“These events aren’t problematic, but the effect they have on Shayera in the present
is. After experiencing this flashback, Shayera is suddenly baby-crazy, and when John tells her about their son in the future, she immediately tries to rekindle their romance.”
I never read it that way. Learning that she and John have a child doesn’t automatically make her baby crazy. But she takes it as a sign that she and John are ultimately meant to be together. Which is why she made the move she did. It’s like, if you still had feelings for an ex and suddenly learned you were destined to have a kid, how else would you interpret that information? I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, it may even be immoral, but it’s emotionally truthful.
“That early scene showing Mari and Shayera training and talking about their romantic rivalry comes across as playful banter between two girlfriends instead of genuine threats from two battling forces, giving the impression that Shayera understands her boundaries in this relationship and isn’t going to fall for Mari’s taunting.”
I never bought any of that at all. I’m not saying they have to hate each other,
they can be cordial, and they can even be friends. But the idea that a person
would make light of the (potentially mutual) feelings between their lover and a
former partner just never rang true for me. At best, it’d be an elephant in the room that doesn’t get talked about.
“Thisis especially frustrating because when Carter came to Shayera spewing this kind
of mystical nonsense in “Shadow Of The Hawk,” she rejected him in favor of
creating her own path in life.”
You can’t equate Sayera’s relationship with John to her relationship with Carter.
They spent one night together, in addition to learning that he’d been stalking
her (however benignly – if such a thing can be benign). So learning that he was
motivated by “destiny” would conceivably drive her away. But John and Shayera actually had time to fall in love and probably would have had successful relationship if
not for the Thanagarian invasion. John’s the one that got away.
“There is no shortage of white heroes that could have been at the center of JLU’s
love triangle, but John Stewart ended up becoming this series’ leading man. And
one of those relationships is mixed race. One day I won’t have to applaud a
show for making these kinds of decisions because media will be full of diverse
relationships, but that day hasn’t come yet so JLU gets some major kudos for committing to John, Mari, and Shayera’s dynamic.”
Very true; Very admirable; Although if you want to quibble, it’s still standard
operating procedure when depicting relationships between minorities on
television. If they truly wanted to buck the trend they’d have a relationship
between three black characters, or an interracial relationship involving a
black person and a white one. It’s pretty standard that if a lead black
character becomes involved in an interracial relationship, the lover in question
is either Asian or Hispanic (as Shayera is, for all intents in purposes). I’m not
trying to pick fight, just making an

Yeah. Wanting to find out about a previously unknown child of yours is not being “baby crazy”. By that measure, any guy who later found out he had a child somewhere and wanted to know more is “baby crazy”.
I do think the characterization of Chay-Ara was weak, though: that definitely fit disappointing gender stereotypes (as did the rivalry between Shayera and Vixen which I read as more seriously meant and so a step back in their characterization). The one bit of the pseudo-Egyptian bit I did like was how the seemingly evil, scheming vizier turned out to be just uber-loyal to his king a la Henry II’s knights.

Or Kragger, who was also voiced by Hector Elizando.

I tend to give Chay-Ara the benefit of the doubt. Assuming that Chay-Ara and Shayera are two separate individuals who share the same soul, we only knew Chay-Ara for a short period of time at one very specific moment of her life. We have no idea who she was during the decades prior to her death or how she evolved into the state of being as someone who wanted a baby. I understand the reticence toward a woman wanting a baby as a motivation. It’s a depiction of women that’s been done to death on television, and there’s a dearth of alternatives. *But* it’s not an invalid motivation for someone to have, especially if their feeling guilty about an affair that they’re having. And there’s a nice symmetry between Chay-Ara trying to make it work with Katar out of guilt and John trying to make it work with Mari for the same reason. But yeah, if they’d gotten more episodes, she’s a character who could use some fleshing out. Maybe Black Adam shows up in a future episode and she features prominently in his origin flashback.

Or Nabu.

Or maybe she has to battle Thoth Kehepera* for control of
Egypt after she arrives on earth. There’s got to be a JLU episode in there somewhere.
*See the B:TAS episode “”.

Given how incredibly crazy-long Egyptian history is (more dynasties than a lot of monarchies got kings, Cleopatra closer in time to us than to the building of the pyramids), I’d prefer they not treat “ancient Egypt” as the sort of place that everyone we’ve heard of is likely to overlap. It’s like having cavemen fight dinosaurs because it’s all prehistory. (Or Sir Justin, Tomahawk, Jonah Hex, the Crimson Avenger, Arsenal, Space Cabbie, and the Legion of Super-Heroes all crossing paths, sans time travel.)
Granted, all the ancient Egyptian supers’ backgrounds are sufficiently generic that they could all share a generation. But I think it would be cooler to incorporate the scope Egypt operated on, by e.g., making Teth-Adam a millennium-old legend to Chay-Ara, or vice versa.
Which doesn’t preclude crossovers. Because why should modern heroes be the only ones who team up with their successors a thousand years in the future? It would be sort of entertaining to discover that there was an entire Crisis-scale event involving supers across thousands of years, that basically nobody but the Hawks and Black Adam have any inkling of. (And maybe the Amazons have secondhand records of it, but showed up too late to participate themselves.)

Fair enough. Although Teth-Adam is established as being defeated in “Ancient History.” So there’s reason to believe that he had some kind of contact with Katar and Chay-Ara.

Chay-Ara’s dead eyes were just too much for me. Apparently it was the work of Lauren Montgomery, who’s done a bunch of other great stuff (including Korra!).

I think I touched the Absorbicron last night. In that I ate and drank everything in sight.

Despite the pronunciation, it’s spelled “Absorbascon”.

How ’bout “Absorb bacon”?

yes please! (stomach growls)

I have never once seen Shayera as “baby crazy” in this episode, and I thought she had a lot of great character moments with plenty of agency. But what do I know, I’m a WHITE MALE.
Still though, with so few episodes left in the series, I remember feeling disappointed. I didn’t much care about John and Shayera’s possible past, I wanted things to move forward, to know more what was coming next. This felt like a bit of a waste of an episode to me.

The whole Hawkman / Hawkgirl / Vixen / GL love quadrangle was by far my least favorite development / plot line of JL/U’s entire run. It sucks that such a significant portion of the final season was spent on it.
Thankfully the next, and final, two episodes were amazing.

Will Green Lantern ever admit his true feelings? Will Hawkgirl ever stop sublimating her passions with that big honkin’ mace? Will true love conquer all?
[brings back Darkseid]
-Bruce Timm

Yeah, the show’s greatest strength is its bench and even when the bench guys don’t get a full episode to show off, they’re around in the background or you can feel their presence. The quadrangle stuff feels like a bad CW show about Hawkgirl and Green Lantern, strong but limited emotions in a limited setting.

Okay. Nitpicking time:
When the Shadow Thief had their hands restrained, he left G.L.’s ring on. Putting a metal covering over your hand doesn’t stop a Green Lantern ring from working. (Unless he lined it with something yellow, maybe? They never outright say there’s a yellow weakness, the same way they never actually mention J’onn’s vulnerability to fire, but with the fruit cup in the Great Brain Robbery, it might still be there.)

I have no memory of this episode.

This is my least favourite episode of the whole JLU run, I think. Partly because the gender politics are so icky, but also I think because the Golden Age “doomed romance” Hawkman is, for me, the least interesting version of Hawkman there is (I was the one Hawkworld-era Hawkman fan, I guess)

Well you’re in luck: One of those Convergence minis is a Tim Truman Hawkman.

Ehh. The moment’s passed now. I’m glad Truman’s getting some work, tho.

“Hawk and Dove” would like a word with you.

I liked the Hawkworld ongoing, at least for a while. But I don’t think the “immigrant to America from decadent authoritarianism” story necessarily needed to be Hawkman and Thanagar.
As with excising Superboy from LSH continuity, the long-term effects of both the continuity hole, and the inability of the writers to just leave it be, caused far more long-term harm than it was worth. If they’d just done “Raptor” (or whatever) and chosen a different home star than Polaris, we could have had the same stories without the baggage. (Under which Hawkman totally collapsed for a decade or so.)

“Tell me about my son” choked me up like few things in television, ever.

Here’s a list of all the 52 universes in the current DC Multiverse according to the Multiversity Guidebook:
0: New Earth/Prime Earth/the main DC Universe
1: Earth 1 Graphic Novels
2: Earth 2
3: Crime Syndicate of America
4: Charlton Comics/Watchmen homage/parody
5: Fawcett Comics/Captain Marvel
6: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe
7: Marvel homage/parody that got destroyed
8: Marvel homage/parody that is still around
9: Tangent Comics
10: Quality Comics/Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters + Nazi
Justice League
11: Gender flipped world that first appeared in pre-New 52 Superman/Batman
12: DCAU
13: Magic world, possibly based on a dream sequence from Morrison’s Doom Patrol
15: Perfect world where the Titans had become the Justice League. Destroyed by Superboy-Prime during Countdown to Final Crisis.
16: Earth me
17: Atomic Knights
18: Justice Riders/Wild West World
19: Gotham by Gaslight/Steampunk
20: Pulp heroes world created by Morrison
21: DC: The New Frontier
22: Kingdom Come
23: Race bent world created by Morrison with Obama Superman
24: Unknown
25: Unknown
26: Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew
27: Unknown
28: Unknown
29: Bizarro World
30: Red Son
31: Batman: Leatherwing/Pirates
32: Batman: In Darkest Knight + plus some other mixed and matched heroes from a Superman/Batman arc
33: Earth-Prime/”the real world”
34: Astro City homage/parody???
35: Rob Liefeld Awesome Comics homage/parody???
36: Big Bang Comics homage/parody???
37: Batman: Thrillkiller/Grimdark
38: Superman & Batman: Generations/real time aging
39: THUNDER Agents homage/parody
40: Evil version of Earth 20, created by Morrison
41: Image Comics homage/parody
42: ‘Lil League. First appeared as a hallucination of Superman’s in pre-Flashpoint Superman/Batman
43: Red Rain
44: Robot world. First appeared during Final Crisis.
45: Superdoom Universe created by Morrison.
46: Unknown
47: Hippie world, a combination of Prez, Brother Power the Geek, and one off joke characters from Morrison’s Animal Man.
48: Forerunner World from Countdown to Final Crisis + Lady Quark Universe from before the original Crisis
49: Unknown
50: Justice Lords future from DCAU
51: Jark Kirby World with Kamandi, first established as Earth 51 in Countdown to Final Crisis
It’s really odd that Superman/Batman, which was kind of middling and forgettable, and Countdown to Final Crisis, which was outright hated, both turned out to be so influential on the current multiverse line up.

In the robot world, Doc Magnus and Red Tornado are the same character & he looks like Grant Morrison.

So many notably absent ones – Dark Knight Returns? All Star Superman? What about all the other cartoons (Young Justice is supposed to be Earth 16 damn it)

Young Justice is now a video game on Earth 16.
Honestly, I’m still probably the only person who’s upset we don’t know which Earth Hot Pursuit is from. Hot Pursuit, the biker version of The Flash who pretty much started Flashpoint.

Well, there are still seven unknown worlds; leaving room for All Star Superman and DKR.

I believe Earth 7 is supposed to be the a pastiche of the Ultimate Universe and Earth 8 is a pastiche of Marvel’s Earth 616.

Makes sense. I figured Morrison just wanted to blow up the Marvel Universe but DC still wanted to be able to make fun of them in the future.

Also if Earth 7 is supposed to be the Ultimate Universe, I’m surprised they didn’t re-use the already existing Ultimates parody, the
Maximums, from Superman/Batman. They already used so much else from Superman/Batman.

If you wanted, you could imagine that the reason everyone in the past looks exactly like the characters in the present is that the vision they get is all filtered through Carter Hall’s perspective, since he was the one who touched the Absorbicron first and got all crazed-up. They look and sound like GL and Hawkgirl because that’s his frame of reference, and he jumped to conclusions about it being destiny and reincarnation and so on. Or it’s because Hawkman’s origins are a snakepit of conflicting editorial impulses.
Also: fun Easter Egg early in the flashback, where Bashari returns in triumph from conquering Kahndaq and extracting tribute from Teth-Adam (aka Black Adam).

Um, yeah this is another episode I haven’t re-visited that often. Probably only seen it once, actually.

I think this episode was less about Shayera suddenly wanting romance and a child and more about her gradual change from a staunch atheist to a person of faith. She started out as someone who dismissed all that faith, souls, and destiny stuff as being nonsense. However, her experiences with Grundy, betraying her own people, staying with Dr. Fate, etc. began to change all that. While she was skeptical of the whole destiny stuff in the first Katar Hol episode, she wasn’t just completely dismissive of them and was softening to those ideas. This episode was about Shayera finally taking that first step in accepting the idea of faith and destiny.
I also loved how they had Hector Elizando, who voiced Kragger, to voice Hath-Set.

a lot of people have said, I don’t recall Shayera being baby obsessed at all. I could be missremembering things, but I didn’t get that, her question at the end seemed to me, more about her questioning her choices again–like, she’d come to terms w/ her reputation since the Thanagarian invasion and her status hero w/ a really bad rep to rebuild. But then THIS comes up and slaps her, the loss of GL reopened, and the knowledge that there should/could be a kid in their.
Rough times yo.
Better Call Saul S01E04 – tv review, watch online video

It was like a magic trick. Watch this hand making the underdog commercial while this hand is pulling a bigger con.

I like to imagine the guy on the other end of the conversation said “That’s swell, Jimmy, but I’m standing in the middle of Afghanistan!”

I knew he was going somewhere with the billboard, but I totally couldn’t figure out where until that guy fell.

I’ll admit that I immediately took note of the harness the billboard dude was wearing, but that’s because I have a slight fear of heights.

Same here. I noticed it because I started clenching when Saul was ascending the ladder (I feel like the older I get, the more heights bother me). I figured maybe it’d have something to do with Jimmy getting a lawsuit out of some safety code and then it all clicked together.
another poster mentioned, I like to turn certain parts of my brain off while watching this show. It’s just so much fun to watch Saul/Jimmy do his thing that it doesn’t necessarily matter if I’ve figured out where it’s going. Better to just let it happen and enjoy.

Yes, my acrophobia has also gotten more intense as I age. I used to climb fire towers in my youth! Now, I can’t go past the first set of stairs.

Human adolescents intellectually accept death, yet truly know themselves to be immortal. One sign of adulthood is the loss of that knowledge.

That’s a really lovely way of putting it, your archness.
I lost that knowledge when I was 11. It did not do any great shakes for my maturity in the long run. Plus, it was really fucking scary.

And that really blows, it was better not being scared of death and disease I tell ya!

My hands were a bit sweaty as I watched and I tried to imagine I could climb that ladder without losing my grip and falling to my death. But I know that’s exactly what would happen.
I initially though the guy dangling there was just an unbelievable asshole

I noticed it right away but it was the guy’s twisting and turning and yelling so much that tipped me off. What I like is that it works whether you’re on to it or not.

Same here, and It was all but confirmed once the guy told him to hurry up as he was climbing up there.

Yeah, that’s when I realized it too, because I know that Gilligan’s ABQ isn’t some cheesy Spiderman version of New York City.

I will fully admit that I didn’t realize it at all until after he pulled him up and they made some kind of conversation that indicated they had a deal.


Actually, what seals it is the low-five they give each other after Jimmy pulls him up. I totally missed that the first time I watched it (I happened to look away right at that moment) and put down their dialogue to the guy just being an ungrateful jerk (“Took you long enough”). The high-five totally proves it’s a long con, though.

Same here.

That whole thing had me grinning like an idiot. wise the Rolex bit (well, I laughed out loud for that.) Saul’s skeevy ambulance chasing lawyer schemes are one of the most fun things about him.

I love Slippin’ Jimmy so much.

During the meeting with the copyright people where Jimmy and the other lawyer were dressed exactly the same, I realized that Saul was playing some sort of long con that was going to tie into the cold open. I had figured it was just going to be the underdog angle, but when the worker fell off the billboard I was all “oh shit, Jimmy is going hardcore here!”

I rarely find myself thinking ahead when watching this show. This was one occasion in which I didn’t mind being blissfully ignorant.

I figured he was on a long con when she delivered the cease and desist. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was.

I don’t think the con really took shape until the cease and desist was ruled on, and he couldn’t get local news to cover the story. Then, old Slippin’ Jimmy figured out how to come out on top of the situation.

Eh, I don’t think so. I think he was just saying that to get the local news to come out, because it would be easier reach for the rescue story. He eventually went to the college kids because he couldn’t get anyone so at least he could get it filmed.

Then what was the significance of him looking at the one girl’s college (?) sweatshirt and getting an idea? He had an epiphany, and that was after failing to make a bunch of call–
… oh, I see. He thought to get a student instead of an actual news team. I’m a dope. You are right; he definitely had the idea in mind by the time he went before that judge. (Not that he wouldn’t’ve been happy to have the judge rule in his favor, mind you…)

I thought it’d have something to do with his name. We already see Hamlin kind of pushing back against McGill using his own name for advertising, and sooner or later he will break with that for the Saul Goodman persona Watch Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 Online . I just couldn’t find a way to connect the two.

Of course, he was already getting some payoff as of that meeting with the judge, since his overreaching on the trademark infringement pushed her to give him what he had been asking for in the first place and declare that he had the right to practice and advertise under the McGill name.

Though there’s no way they wouldn’t have let him use his own name. That was just a bullshit intimidation tactic.

You too have taken some of Jesse’s linguo other than “yo” and “bitch” ?

Haven’t we all?

I figured out the billboard stunt right away, but until then the episode convinced me he had no plan at all. Which was amazing because I was totally rooting for a long con the whole time.

I think the recapper missed the point on Jimmy who “wants his hair done in ringlets, like Tony Curtis in “the bath scene in Spartacus.”” He was not attempting to be an alpha-male, he was trying to look like Howard Hamlin.

A little of both probably.

She definitely missed the point.

Yes, and I also think it’s strange that she declared Chuck’s malady to be physiological rather than psychological, after this of all episodes when we got those POV shots of how freaked out he was going to get the paper.

Seriously, we just saw the man have a panic attack on camera.

The best bit was when we then see it from the neighbor’s perspective – a crazy man in a silver sheet runs across the street and exchanges her newspaper for a five dollar bill.

Right. And aside from being humourous, I feel as though the neighbour’s point-of-view shot was meant to show us just how crazy Chuck seems. I wonder why?

That neighbor’s perspective was a great choice.

… and that bit at the end wherein he wraps himself up in his (security) blanket after discovering that Jimmy is up to his old tricks again. Almost as though he were withdrawing more in reaction to emotional stress! Which brings us back to Jimmy all but demanding his brother remove the blanket during their conversation in a previous episode, as though his brother were doing it to hurt Jimmy. He wasn’t, but his symptoms are most certainly psychosomatic.

Well…it could be physiological, like something wrong with his central nervous system. Some diseases related to that place are horrible.

There’s also the thinly veiled subtext of saying he thinks Hamlin is gay.
Tony Curtis is bisexual, and the bath scene in Spartacus is where the film guardedly talks about homosexual preferences.

I’m sick of Donna’s consistent dismissals of Jimmy’s movie reference as tone-deaf. They are apt, darn it. Apt!

“Here’s Johnny!”

First time I see someone using that reference, sure it’s rare Lisa can be quoted but that’s one of ’em.

The cold open was the opening scene from The Sting.

I’m pretty sure Jimmy didn’t have the rescue part of the con planned out from the beginning. My read is that he initially put up the billboard impulsively, just to piss off Hamlin and see where it went from there. When Hamlin responded Jimmy assumed he could win over the judge in the copyright case. When that didn’t work he went to the press with the underdog angle (he may have already had this as a backup before seeing the judge). He was genuinely surprised that neither the supposed righteousness of his underdog schtick nor his charm could win him press coverage.
Then, just as he had seemingly exhausted his media options he sees the girl pass by wearing a university sweatshirt and he decides to try a college newspaper or TV station.
Okay … now that I’ve written all of that out I realize that he must have had the rescue plan in mind from the start, but didn’t count on striking out with the professional media, which almost ruined the plan. The defining Jimmy moment was his quick thinking to go to college media just to get it in front of a camera.

I loved his comment about deferring to the cameraman’s minutes of expertise.

I didn’t even think of that, I just thought he came up with that after he was forced to take the billboard down. The story really is like a deep layered onion!

I fell for both

He made buttholes out of all of us.

I believe that was “Smoke on the Water” in the key of butthole. Strange song choice, but I’m probably gonna have it rattling around in my head now.

“Smoke on the Butthole” was not a popular single.

The Muddy Waters cover wasn’t any better.

Stop blowing smoke up my butthole surfers.

Hey, it’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.

Tell that to the guy who removed the “no touching” sign on the Buttholes of America art installation.

CC says you are correct.

As soon as I saw the guy laying in the alley I knew he was pulling a scam in the cold open, but the billboard thing was master class. I did not know what he was shooting for until he ran to climb and “save” the worker.

i was the opposite, i didnt catch on to the alley, but got the billboard immediately

I like to consider myself a savvy viewer. Maybe it’s just because I was making a late dinner at the time. But I completely didn’t get the whole billboard thing until I came here and read the review. I feel so so stupid.

I missed it as well, and am not proud of that fact.

Yeah, I felt dumb about not picking up on the alley but the billboard was pretty obvious to me. Really fun scene.

The scam in the cold open is a lot like the intro to The Sting (except in that instead of a fake Rolex they use sleight-of-hand to switch out a wad of bills), and I recognized it right away as one of the textbook short-cons.
For the billboard, it didn’t click until they shook hands at the end. Jimmy played it well, even down to his reluctance in that first moment to do anything. Still, I think more people than just Hamlin (and Chuck) would recognize it as a stunt.

The scam is very much like “The Sting.” In fact, the name on the drivers license was “Henry Gondorff,” Paul Newman’s character in the film; I believe the address was “Luther Street,” which was the name of Newman’s first partner, played by Robert Earl Jones (James’ father). There may have been more connections I missed.

Thank you. I was really starting to worry about what had happened to all the fans, or even viewers of, “The Sting.”

Me too, but the alley pretty much tips off the billboard.

When we saw the guy in the alley I was terrified that the scene would end with a Chicago Sunroof.

What you guys are all missing is that the show itself is a long con, meant to make you forget everything you already know about Saul Goodman S01E05 and just who he really is once things start “going well” for him (as well as they could ever go for a drug lawyer, that is).
However long BCS runs, however many outs the show gives Saul along the way and however many times you the viewer catch yourself thinking and hoping otherwise, this thing ends the one way only.
Infomercials, drug lords, laser tag. As Jesse said, he’s not a criminal lawyer, he’s a criminal lawyer. It’s scams and swindles all the way down.

I don’t know. Didn’t he always ultimately try to do right by Walt and Jesse, on their own terms? When did he ever scam or betray a client? Yes, he is ultimately looking out for Saul, but when did that ever conflict with looking out for the best interest of his clients, within the twisted context of what his clientele’s best interests happened to be.

He was ready to have Badger killed when he presented a problem. I thought that was a pretty dark side of Saul.

You meant “sent to Belize,” right?

He never actually suggested killing Badger, not really. He was just confused why these supposed criminal masterminds holding him at gunpoint hadn’t thought of it instantly. Later, yes, he dangles the possibility in front of Walt and Jesse, but this is almost certainly after he’s realized they’re a pair of schmucks with no real power aside from Walt’s Baby Blue. I think we’re meant in retrospect to view it as Saul putting on an act of being an underworld mover-and-shaker.
(And the start of BCS bears this out so far – Saul may resort to underhanded methods to WIN clients, but ultimately he views himself as doing the best he can for them)
He does suggest “sending Hank to Belize”, yes. In Season 5, IIRC, after Walt has corrupted and destroyed him bit-by-bit as Heisenberg did to everyone else that he touched.

That was more “kill Badger, not me” though. Also, I don’t think we can always consider something from someone’s first appearance on a show to be totally locked in. I think overall, Saul showed himself to be ethical in his own way, dedicated to giving his clients good service, and actually a decent lawyer.

That’s the problem. Saul was always looking out for his clients, by helping them to get away with their crimes. And not just by protecting their constitutional rights, but actively aiding and abetting people he knew were violent drug dealers and murderers.
The Saul we know from Breaking Bad is a loathsome man. The tragedy is that the Jimmy we see now still has a conscience, and we’re watching it slowly slip away.

I don’t see him as a loathesome man. He was a guy like everyone – just trying to make his way in the world and this is the business he fell into.
Though in truth I was a “Saul” type of attorney. Not to the point of participating directly in criminality. That part was vastly overplayed for effect by the writers. Every city has a/many Sauls and few ever take such an active part in the sleazy activities of their clientele.
I’ve also been an attorney for the insurance industry. For what it is worth, I personally felt better about my work representing drug dealers, an actual pimp (who drove a purple Lincoln, BTW), and other assorted folk of this approximate ilk.
It was just a job. All of it. And Saul’s activities with all the money-laundering, the “facilitating” this or that. Just as much a job. If he didn’t do it someone else will. Maybe someone with less of a conscience (and this is a subtle point we saw in both BB and already in BCS.)

Saul also encouraged Walt to put a hit out on Jesse, and helped convince Hank that Marie was in the hospital, about to die. His criminality goes way beyond trying to make his way in the world.

By that point Jesse was literally asking for it, and the trick with Marie saved a lot of pain and suffering for all concerned in the short term.
Not as much as if Walt had dropped dead from cancer at any given point during seasons 3-5, but a lot.

Convincing Hank that Marie was in the hospital probably saved Hank’s life.

Did Saul know that, though?

I would guess he’d at least consider it a possibility, though I’d have to look up at what point Walt was in his criminal evolution at that point. I think it would be plausible that someone would get shot, just because Saul would expect Jessie to panic.

yeah no providing constitutionally protected legal representation is not the same thing as laundering drug money

Yes, agreed. Saul is a criminal, but so is Jesse, yet people always seem so much more willing to give the latter the benefit of the doubt. When did Saul ever do anything as sleazy as targeting people in a 12-step recovery group to sell meth to, for money he didn’t even need?

Or, you know, straight-up shoot a guy in the face.

That too! Although he deserves some slack for that as he was saving Walt’s life.

And clearly regretting it, isn’t he shown crying when telling his story to Hank and Gomie.

That was the dumbest thing Jesse did (and that’s saying something) to decide to do small ass meth deals, whoever the clients might have been. He’s a freaking millionaire, why bother? But when he floats that idea, he disregards having responsibilities if you’re a criminal, which is dumb, maybe he was just trying to help Badger and Skinny make some money, like Darth Vader, he was responsible for “two of them bitches”. heh. Also, yeah, I see the point that Gus asked for 200 pounds a week not 201.8 or whatever, and had no reason to think the lab was not only wired for sound, but probably by a small hidden camera, already. Gus wasn’t dumb, he wouldn’t have let the place NOT be under surveillance at all times. Although, it didn’t seem to bother anyone that he did steal. I never was sure what Gus meant by never make the same mistake twice, he was either speaking of Jesse or his wife getting involved with Walt’s affairs.

I agree, I think boiling it down to criminal / non-criminal and good / bad is too narrow, I would describe his character as chaotic good at this point. He does what he believes is the right thing, it’s just that he and society don’t always agree. In the flashbacks he’s neutral evil. I also think he’s pretty much still chaotic good in Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad has shown that EVERYONE is a mix of good and bad, pretty much.

I think the reason I’m enjoying Saul’s scams and swindles so much, is because I do already know who he is in the end. I have no expectations as to who or how Saul will end up, so I can just sit back and enjoy Jimmy’s evolution into Saul Goodman.

Speaking of laser tag…it makes an appearance this season at some point for sure…right?

I’d bet money that we’ll see at least an episode or two of post-BB Saul finding a way out of his predicament at Cinnabon. They didn’t cold open the series with that for no reason.

My thoughts were that Saul was just being paranoid–an effect of his criminal activity as a shady lawyer.

It’d be interesting if they hyped up the whole prequel aspect so they could have Saul revert to Jimmy McGill post-BB in the S1 finale. Get the backstory but relieve themselves of the burden of expectations.

Saul should not be confused with Maurice Levy, who famously accused himself by calling Omar “amoral.”

The cold open was great. I was expecting some Smeagol Lord of the Rings fight over the precious Rolex before it took that sharp left turn.

Plus the cold open had that great long shot of them in the night, with that one light on them surrounded by empty street.

Brownie points for the LOTR reference. You just brought two of my most favorite things together. The Lord of the Rings, and the world of Breaking Bad.

That’s funny, Smeagol is exactly what I thought of in that scene too.

I sidetracked myself during the billboard scene. I knew something was up when he was in front of the camera and kept pausing to look back at the billboard. His speech had the feel of stretching for time, so I got it in my head that he was just trying to keep talking until the moment the billboard came down, so he could have that as a dramatic capper on the speech. My initial reaction to the guy falling was that it was screwing up the moment that Saul was trying to get on camera.
Then when Saul went into action, I just got caught up in the moment of him making that climb. The show successfully shut down the analytical part of my brain, leaving me surprised at what was really a pretty standard scam. Well played, show. Well played.

I genuinely thought Jimmy was trying to rescue the dude, but don’t quite feel stupid for thinking so, ’cause I was fairly certain that it was a combination of ‘oh, for God’s sake’ frustration at everyone simply gawking (we’ve already seen Saul risk his own life to save the lives of others), and straight-up opportunity knocking. (As in, he maybe thought, after looking at the dangling man, the people nearby, and the camera already rolling, ‘Hey, this works too! This is even better, in fact!’) Finding out that the worker was in on it the entire time just made me love Jimmy that much more – in a ‘Wow, you’re really quite the ingenious scumbag!’ sort of way.
Man, this is gonna be a good show. We’ve already seen that Jimmy is basically a clever-ass (or ‘clever ass’) genius along the lines of Walter White, but in a very different way. He’s playing the long game, himself. Secondly, knowing it all comes crashing down doesn’t actually hurt the drama at all: We also always knew, intuitively, that Walter wouldn’t win in the end – even before the season five flash-forwards. I mean, aside from the fact that him just getting away with everything wouldn’t be satisfying for the viewer, the guy had terminal cancer. Jimmy may not get what he wants by the end of the show, but I’m sure he’ll rack up a few Pyrrhic victories along the way.

He didn’t have terminal cancer anymore after his surgery, he was tumor free. He could have lived 2 to 10 year more, he got a very rare case of luck + one of the only doc that is able to pull out a lobectomy after chemo. But he was dead inside yeah, “I’ve lived too long.” and the Crawlspace incident just removed all the Walt in him….for a while. He came back when it seemed everything was gonna end well for him only for Hank to come and screw everything with no clear point other than spite.

Ah, but that’s the thing: everyone knew the cancer would eventually come back. Maybe it would be two months; maybe it would be two years. Either way, I do think most viewers were waiting for that other shoe to drop.
Also, I really don’t think Hank was trying to bring Walter to justice out of spite. Hank had basically dedicated his life to taking down bad guys, as he saw it, and then found out his own brother-in-law was the worst of the lot–the evil kingpin behind those bad guys, in a sense–all along. It’s a betrayal on a scale none of us could even hope to really imagine. As such, yeah, Hank became a bit obsessed and pushy about bringing Walter down, because it was as personal as personal can get. His judgment was clouded. But by no means should we imply that Hank was the party pooper after everything that Walt did.

I was duped into the guy said “hurry up.” Then I went “….wait. So that is why the chose that particular cold open for this episode.”

Yeah I fell for it too, I didn’t realize that it was a con until the dangling guy asked ‘What took you so long?’ and then shook hands with Jimmy.

The phone rang so I missed the handshake.

Once Saul started running over there I laughed and realized that he probably paid that guy to fall. Not as much as I laughed when that old lady watched Chuck run away in that Space Blanket. I’m not sure why, but that was so freaking hilarious to me.

Oh, man. I loved that juxtaposition of Chuck going through this great, epic ordeal in his own mind and the old lady just watching some weirdo in a space blanket steal her paper.

I lol’d too, but he paid for it!

Both were good, but an A grade?? 9/10? This show is being massively overrated, it’s pretty good, but not great. People are deluding themselves. It needs better writing, more compelling plots, more tension, drama, and more concise too, what happens should take half as long as it actually does.

I havent been bored once, and I mostly fast fowarded through BB S3.

You fast forwarded through Breaking Bad? Get out.

Nah, BB has far better drama, characters, tension, plots, you can’t even suggest that BCS is more interesting than BB.

You didn’t say whatever it was you meant to say.

Okay, let’s compare to the first four eps of BrBa. It’s not as good, sure, but it’s pretty damn entertaining. And it’s gonna get dramatic the way you want it soon enough, you’re not patient. You’re like the people who didn’t like Breaking Bad if you have them watch the first few episodes (there’s a lot out there that didn’t get into it until like the end of S3 and even later). Give it time, don’t underestimate these guys.

BB had a helluva lot more drama at this point, Saul doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s a BB prequel and yet it seems to want to get away from that drama and tension, being lighter, which doesn’t fully work for a 45+ minute show.

This was an episode full of standout sequences, but I think my favorite bit was seeing that Jimmy used the name and address of Paul Newman’s character from The Sting on the fake ID in the con from the cold open. Classic Saul.
Although him listening to Chicago with a Rush poster hanging behind him was a narrow second. It’s like he was in my dorm room.

This fake ID was in The Sting, Part II, so nobody knows about it!

Mac Davis might…..

I’m enjoying Jimmy’s movie references.

Observations like that are why I love the comments section here. That went right past me.

Funny you should mention The Sting, because Saul’s Butthole con is basically the same con Robert Redford was running in the opening scene. Which yields the equation Slippin’ Jimmy = Johnny Hooker. Nice one!

Space Blaaaaaaankeeeeetttt!!!!

Chuck’s scenes give me anxiety

Well imagine how he feels!

I know how he feels, which is why they give me anxiety

What are you, Swedish? (It just so happens EMHS is reported as being higher in Scandinavian countries.)

It isn’t all the hydroelectricity, is it?

Also Canada. those aurora borealis, I tell ya…

It’s almost as bad as the headache scenes in Pi.

I kind of don’t like the Chuck scenes. They’re not bad TV, they just make me uncomfortable. That the lady across the street was watching him the whole time was pretty funny.

That’s the point though. They give the audience the feeling of discomfort and anxiety to match Chuck’s feelings of discomfort and anxiety.

My reaction: “Who the fuck changed the TV to Inland Empire?”

Hey! We resemble that remark!

I wonder if that woman was Carol’s mom.

It’s because you haven’t been grounded.

Did you put your watch and your cell phone in the mailbox?

In my neighborhood, people would steal it…..
(And the irony is, I watched live, but have only started posting now because I had a migraine….)

Fellow sufferer here,who’s male, society seems to think migraines are a women only problem and it annoys me. I have to see a damn neurologist. Only thing that works for me is Rivotril(Klonopin for the yanks) and Relpax.

That was some terrific, subtle acting by Michael McKean in the final moments, expressing so much with just a few facial movements.


I would watch the shit out of Slippin’ Jimmy. It’s cool as shit that Bob Odenkirk finally gets to use his real hair in those bits instead of that godawful, semi-balding wig.

I thought he meant that Space Blanket was getting it’s own spinoff.

Perhaps a crossover with Salmon Ladder and Treadmill?

Actually, I wasn’t reading the thread all that closely. I saw “spinoff” and swooped in.

I like to think that, in an alternate reality, there is a Breaking Bad featuring the Kettlemans instead of Walter White.

Walking dead S05E12

ahahahahahahahha Pete Cambell’s receding hairline.
most definitely the most interesting part of this episode.

I wonder if Pete ever wonders about how his Peggy-baby is doing? I picture a kindergartner with a badly receding hairline drinking a high ball while sexually harassing his teacher.

FYI: Tara (Alanna Masterson) is gay.

Exactly. Apparently Zack doesn’t care about her character enough to remember her. 😛

No one remembers any of these people. That’s why I give them silly names.

It doesn’t help that she had about 2 seconds of screen time during tonight’s episode.

When? I don’t remember seeing her at all. Good to know she’s still around. Yes, she is gay as was the girl she use to like who died at the governor/prison showdown.

I think she was the first one who said “yeah” in that scene where everyone said “yeah”

You mean when all the idiots started cheering loudly after the RV was fixed?

No, in the “Are you coming?” scene.

Whoa, there was a lesbian coming scene??? Sounds like your market gets a much better version of this show!

That scene should be submitted for Emmy consideration

But she still had one of the best lines.
“So there’s 12 wild cards? Are you kidding me?” It’s like no one even bothers to listen to Eugene but her.

In his defense, I don’t think the writers care about her character enough to remember her either.

Yes, but not “make out with someone of the same gender” gay

She macked on that dumbass who got shot by the dead little girls.

Maybe they’ll have her get shot accidentally like TV’s other Gay Tara

It’s funny to see everyone tell Rick to chill out. But he is prone to killing without a second thought.

This is the first time I’ve ever been on Rick’s side. (Seriously, dude doesn’t like apple sauce? If it’s not poisonous, just fucking eat it, stupid. I’d’ve shivved his gourd right then.)

Also that story was fucking ridiculous, what I took from it was his mother apparently tried to get rid of his gayness by forcing him to eat a bunch of apple sauce to make him more manly, which..what?

There’s a joke here about Eve eating apple sauce, but I’m too tired to put it together.

“Eve was tempted to eat the apple by the serpent, but Aaron couldn’t help be tempted by the snake to eat the ‘snake!’

worst segue into sexual orientation ever.

I think it’s the “fussy eater” thing being seen as being a sissy, that’s what I got out of it.

Yeah, people do all kinds of illogical and stupid things to make their kids be who they want them to be. I thought the applesauce bit was a nice touch of levity.

Apple sauce therapy is how Scientology ‘fixed’ John Travolta’s predilection for the un-fairer sex. Note to Travolta: get your money back.

That was a false note in an otherwise stellar episode. I appreciate writers including gay characters nowadays (so much, actually), but sometimes they have two left feet about it.

Applesauce. One word.


I wonder how much Merle would’ve approved of Eric and Aaron.

Daryl would have just told him to walk it off.

Do some pushups and it’ll go away!

Rub some dirt on it.

take a salt pill!

With the complete respect and maturity Merle gave to everyone, he would’ve had no problem with them at all (my mind is flooding with all of the possible one liners right now).

“I served 15 years in the State Pen and a decade in Vietnam, and every moment since I’ve been deep in the woods with my hunting buddies. Prison, war, hunting — they’re all mostly downtime. And by downtime, I mean most of the time I was going…”

I think it would have been funny if he was totally fine with it. He hates women and non white people but those gays never bothered him.

Merle: Give me a couple minutes with them, with this here new attachment.
*points to prosthetic*
It’ll fix ’em right up.

I wish that TWD spin-off was based on ‘All in the family’ with Merle as Archie Bunker and zombie Lori as Edith.

Soylent Green’s Halfassed Stray Observations Because the Oscars are On Even Though I didn’t See Half the Movies Special Edition
– Johnny DMV is super sweet and nice. Isn’t that special
– Cherry moonshine mixed with cream soda is pretty good
– Introducing Glenn as Mr. Wandering Hardass.
– Rosalita gave us a nice angled shot of her tits because she’s a really important, well fleshed out character that totally isn’t going to be on the chopping block and upon her death she will be canonized in memorium like other vibrantly important characters who died despite having no plot importance.
– Fuck that shit, Johnny DMV. You should have met death before eating the applesauce.
– Judith cries when it is necessary for plot. Otherwise she is the quietest baby ever.
– Rosalita almost gave us the “It’s not you its me” breakup speech.
– Hey gang, remember the three questions? You know, those really important questions we ask everyone first before ever doing anything with them? Yeah, me neither.
– Oh shit, look at all these license plates in the glove box and a recording device. Good thing we didn’t check this car for anything when we found the mother load of spaghetti-o’s in the RV!
– Survival Tip: Don’t let Glenn drive. He has not mastered the awesome power of windshield wipers.
– “Well ya see, here’s your problem. Your carburetor’s fulla limbs”
– Aww, first openly gay couple. Take that Governor’s Lover’s Sister and Dead Ex-Military chick
– I always keep a gun in a blender. No one would ever find it in a clear plastic bin.
– Cherry moonshine really makes the show go by better.
– Glenn knows how to fix RV’s because of remember Dale when the show was really, really, really good?
– Daryl got to say shit twice tonight. They’re messing with the wrong people.
– They found a place to live halfway through the season. Ready for Woodbury II: A Night in the Woodbury?

“Survival Tip: Don’t let Glenn drive. He has not mastered the awesome power of windshield wipers.”
Once again, a missed Merle opportunity.

If they brought Ghost Merle into episodes I would stop complaining about this show immediately. They need some asshole who says inappropriate things.

So instead of watching over and/or comforting his loved ones Ghost Merle would just follow around minorities and taunt them with mildly racist insults? Sounds about right.

While drinking.

And kicking kittens and puppies.

every show needs a racist ghost

Hey, it doesn’t get more White Power than a poltergeist.

Merle would have said something hilariously racist, like “I know you Chinese are used to a narrower field of vision, but us Merkins like to see shit.”

if your fake pubes are seeing shit, you’re wiping in the wrong direction.

Yeah, but Ghost Merle would have been mystified/impressed at how Orientals(#sarcasm) know how RVs have multiple car batteries.

Probably because them Celestials come over here and rent RVs to invade our national parks and capture the souls of bald eagles with their giant cameras.

Didn’t Tara have a girlfriend for about 5 minutes before the Governor attacked the prison?

Yup. That’s the Governor’s Lover’s Sister and Dead Ex-Military

Stay turned for a laser-guided lesbian coming her way next week. Sure is lucky that sexual orientations come in even-numbers in TV land.

Woodbury 2: Electric Boogaloo

Dale’s cool, but season 2 of this show was the show at it’s worst.

See, that’s what happens when the viewers get what they think they want — deeper conversations. (Since everyone complains about the “shallow” dialogue, which I think is appropriate and adequate.)

Yup. And that season had the worst dialogue. They’ve gotten much better at showing emotions, and not having everyone blatantly talking about humanity and the lack thereof and yadda yadda. Except for Shane, I liked Shane that season.

Right, but that’s part of what I’m saying. It was bad because it was bad, but also because it was ill-conceived; the characters actually had the deeper conversations that today’s commenters are pining for.
Shane was a good character. And Jon Bernthal has gone on to better things, like Scorsese movies and Fury and the like; he was good.

I, for one, am NOT pining for deeper conversations. And I never was. I am pining for better dialogue. Those are not the same thing.

Exactly! the entire Woodbury debacle could have been headed off if any of the principle characters at the prison would have had even one conversation about what they had seen and what they thought it meant. Lazy writing is so irritating.

Well, there will be some Mad Men writers looking for a job, maybe some of them can be shipped off to The Walking Dead to punch up the dialogue.
I’m only half kidding about this.